Cloud Server Features

Our Cloud Servers are essentially Virtual Servers based “in the cloud” as opposed to traditional stand-alone SolusVM VPS servers.

With loads of CPUs, hundreds of GB?s of RAM and TB?s of super-fast SAN storage, your new server is only a few minutes away from creation. You won?t be stuck with your choice either, upgrades are an instant away and likewise, downscaling too.

There’s no real magical mystery behind our latest product other than the most amazing technology powering your server. No more “single point of failure” or sudden overloading or hitting resource limits. Imagine your server being monitored 24/7 by artificial intelligence that knows if you’re hitting limits or if you’re hardware has experienced an issue.

Cloud Servers

Within an instant it’s able to make a decision to move your important, mission-critical server to another piece of healthy hardware. No downtime, no data loss or reconfiguration or restoring from backups.. things just continue to work!

Can’t decide between a Cloud VPS or a Traditional SolusVM Server? Take a read between the difference

Cloud Server Hardware

No skimping or cutting costs! All our hardware is based on top-of-the-range server components from Supermicro, Intel and Seagate of which is hosted in temperature & access controlled data centers with all the bells and whistles that one would expect.

Performance Storage

Our cloud storage is based on server grade SAS drives in RAID10 or ZFS filesystems ensuring premium data safety, High IO, Low Latency and high performance reading and writing of your important data!

Instant Fail-over Hardware

As opposed to single dedicated servers, your VPS is hosted on a network of servers. The moment one goes down, there is another to take it’s place, instantly.

Locally Hosted

Locally hosted in our data center in Cape Town, South Africa. Ideal for the fastest possible connection to your server from within South Africa or when targeting the SA internet.


Help is a phone call or email away. We answer your queries quickly and have the expertise to help you grow. Managed support options along with access to experienced geeks is all available.

Instant Backups

Need to quickly repair a broken server? Login, hit restore and within a few minutes your last stored backup will be restored and booted. Automatically setup daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly backups!

No contracts

Cancel, upgrade or downgrade at anytime. Pricing pro-rata from day 1 and due by the 1st of each month. Electronic Transfer, Credit Card and PayPal accepted.

Control Panel – Supersized.

Your cloud servers are fully controlled through your secure control panel. Everything you can imagine (and didn’t even think was possible) is done through your panel.  Feature rich and forever improving!

Quick & Free Setup

We only require your basic details, no fancy forms or DNA samples. Order, Pay and you’ll be clouding away in minutes.

Absolute Control – always!

Full root access for shell rockstars or full Administrator roles for Windows clients. Console Access prevents any possibility of you ever being locked out. You control your own environment; we take care of the hosting.