VPS vs Dedicated Servers

Web hosting can be mainly divided into three types: dedicated servers, VPS or virtual private servers and shared hosting. The lower end of web hosting is shared hosting as far as customizability, price and performance are concerned. Dedicated hosting and VPS are the two main options that are available to clients who are looking for high end customizability, reliability and performance.

What Do Dedicated Servers Offer?

Dedicated servers are powerful and fast though the high end VPS hosting packages that are available today can easily provide a run for their money to dedicated servers. One of the biggest problems with dedicated servers is that they occupy the uppermost strata of the spectrum when it comes to web hosting and so their pricing is in accordance to that fact. Though there are several benefits of using dedicated solutions, the initial investment for the setup and equipment is quite high along with the high maintenance cost for the upkeep of the equipment.

Virtual Private Servers Offer High End Performance and Reliability

The reason quite a lot of webmasters and developers have recently started shifting to VPS is because they offer the reliability and the performance of a dedicated server but at a much lower cost. With VPS, there is a single server that is shared by various clients. However, unlike shared hosting the control that the users will be able to enjoy is quite like the dedicated servers. The server can be easily rebooted with a simple on/off switch on the control panel. If you want to install software package of your choice you will not be required to check with the hosting provider.

Why Select VPS Instead of A Dedicated Server?

One of the biggest reasons why VPS is more beneficial than dedicated server is because of its cost effectiveness. Websites that are not yet large enough to have the resources to afford a dedicated server can now enjoy the flexibility and reliability that VPS offers. With VPS you will be able to enjoy total administrative rights for the server which you can use for managing your account the way you want. You will be able to configure the server section without having to think twice about how it may affect the other users on the server. For website owners, it is important to have total control over their website so that they can run and install the software and programs of their choice.

Unlike dedicated servers, there is no worry about downtime or server crashes since the hosting providers today offer 24/7 technical assistance. A large number of medium as well as smaller website owners as well as larger websites looking for a cost effective solution turn to VPS. One of the latest innovations to be introduced in VPS is cloud-VPS solution. This particular solution can make multiple copies of the entire website in case a server has to be taken offline.

With the high level of performance, reliability and functionality that Virtual Private Servers offer, it makes a lot of sense to use this cost effective hosting solution instead of a dedicated server.