VPS vs Shared Web Hosting

Businesses and users around the world have been trying to decide whether it would be beneficial for them to choose VPS over shared web hosting. Small business units normally use shared hosting simply because it is a viable and an economical option. However, with time shared hosting plans are no longer adequate for them as they expand. This is where VPS comes into the picture. VPS serves small businesses as well as mid sized businesses that have a lot of data to be handled on a daily basis through email or their website. In technical terms, VPS bridges the distance between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Though there are a few similarities between VPS and shared hosting like a single server, compartmentalization levels etc. there are also several distinctions between both of them.

Given below are a few reasons why VPS stands out to be a better option than shared hosting service:

Private IP Address and email Server

Even though shared as well as VPS solutions both share email server and web sever, with VPS you will be able to have the luxury of having your own email server. Because the emails will be generated through a unique IP address with VPS, it will ensure accurate and quick delivery and complete privacy. Also, VPS prevents spammers and keeps them away from mailboxes.

Exclusivity and Autonomy with Operating System

One of the biggest benefits of using a VPS hosting solution is that you will have the full control of having an exclusive operating system that will be designed and will cater specifically to VPS requirements. The control and the autonomy that you will be able to enjoy would be quite similar to that of a dedicated server.

Better Performance

Another advantage of VPS over shared hosting is performance. No customer would be able to have a larger share of the resources. There will be reliability and uniformity when it comes to resources, which is one of the reasons why VPS is capable of delivering better performance to its users.

Better Security

With VPS, each account would be insulated from others which will ensure that there is complete security. There will be no threat of unauthorized access. VPS provides complete safety against other customers and hackers and is much more reliable when compared to shared hosting. Any type of DoS attack will not affect a VPS user because of isolation.

Customization of Firewall

Users that have a shared hosting plan will need proper access in order to use FTP, POP and web mail. However, with VPS hosting the firewall can be locked down and provide access from various nodes to various set of services. Since VPS has a standalone environment, it is possible for users to customize their Firewall.

Considering all the facts that have been discussed above it can be said that using shared hosting does not provide privacy or efficiency to businesses. On the other hand, VPS provides ease of use, low costs, privacy and better performance. To conclude, it can be said that VPS is definitely a better option when compared to shared web hosting.

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